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In the preparation and decoration of the newly bought house, is there a good pre-filter recommended? The first filter of the whole house water purification is the front filter, followed by the central water purifier (improving domestic water), the water softener (washing and bathing water), the kitchen water purifier (improving daily drinking water ), through different purification equipment to meet different water quality requirements. The homeowner considers according to his own living needs and decoration budget expenses. if the budget is sufficient and the water quality requirements are high, the whole house can be installed for water purification, which should be carried out at the same time when changing water and electricity. if you just solve drinking water, then install the water purifier in the kitchen and reserve the power socket. The cost is much cheaper than the whole house. This thing itself does not have much money. if you want to buy it, you can buy it. you can manage it for many years. you ca

How about TORY sales net? 1

GUANGZHOU TORY LIGHT CO.,LIMITED is the main supplier for led stage lighting at home and abroad. TORY advances with the times and pays attention to independent innovation and strict quality control during production. By adhering to the core value, we pay great attention to first-class service and first-class quality, so as to become a first-class enterprise. We intend to be innovative, hard-working and tenacious and promise to be your best partner with the best reputation. led par light is widely used in multi-purpose halls, studios, conference centers, auditoriums, theaters, concerts, stadiums, dance halls, and other entertainment venues. The moving led lights is one of the main products of TORY. led par light has been considered to be outdoor led par with obvious quality and wide development prospects. The product is anti-glare, causing no visual fatigue. Since led stage lighting's put into market, it has received good comments from customers. With low power consumption, it helps save a lot in electricity bill. We supply quality-reliable and price-affordable products in the long term. Please feel free to consult us!

What are the filter materials for air purifiers? Precision fiberglass (Super HEPA ).Lydair, a world-renowned filter material research company, has production.All I said was to add.Common Air purification materials/methods: [physical purification method] 1.Adsorption filtration-Activated carbon activated carbon is a porous carbon-containing material. it has a highly developed pore structure. the porous structure of activated carbon provides a large amount of surface area,Can fully contact with gas (impurities,Thus giving the unique adsorption properties of activated carbon,It is very easy to achieve the purpose of absorbing and collecting impurities.Like a magnetic force,All molecules have the disadvantages of mutual attraction: ordinary activated carbon does not absorb toxic gases,The efficiency is low and easy to remove.2.Mechanical filtration-HEPA (High efficiency participation air Filter ),High efficiency air filter,A filter that meets the HEPA standard,For 0.The efficiency of 3 microns reached 99.998%,The

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