How to place an order on moving beam light ?

With great popularity in global market, GUANGZHOU TORY LIGHT CO.,LIMITED aims to be better and stronger. TORY advances with the times and pays attention to independent innovation and strict quality control during production. By adhering to the core value, we pay great attention to first-class service and first-class quality, so as to become a first-class enterprise. We intend to be innovative, hard-working and tenacious and promise to be your best partner with the best reputation. led par light is widely used in multi-purpose halls, studios, conference centers, auditoriums, theaters, concerts, stadiums, dance halls, and other entertainment venues. The moving head light is one of the main products of TORY. led stage lighting with its stage lights equipment has been widely applied. Its variable speeds offer different illumination effects. Quality assurance system is established to ensure the quality of led par light. It is electromagnetic-proof, thus, it's free of electric-shock issue. If you have any questions, feel free to consult us.

How to place an order on moving beam light ? 1

What is the water purifier? do you need to buy one at home? Talk about your own home equipment: front: Honeywell front filter FF06 550 yuan package installation, installed in the main pipe of the household, filter the impurities visible in the water and 100 microns or more rust, etc. Water purification and daily water purification for washing vegetables: donglibino MK303 dragon head filter is small and convenient, with a consumption of about 450 yuan per year (the filter core needs to be replaced on time) and drinking water purification: the price of RO membrane aosmith's barrel-free RO reverse osmosis CR400 household pure water machine is about 1400 (this is sent by a friend, but it is not recommended to buy such expensive ones. Taobao has the kind of OEM goods to buy, as long as the quality of the effluent is achieved, it is not necessary to pay attention to the brand.) Shanghai uses 1L/min, which can meet the requirements for use and will not be slow enough to make people feel embarrassed. Close the cabine

What is the role of the pre-filter in the water purifier? What is the role of the front filter?1. scale is no stranger to all consumers. The main components of scale are calcium and magnesium, water heaters, gas water heaters and water heaters will cause heat. pp cotton is used in the pre-processors commonly used at present, and its filtering accuracy is claimed to be between 1 and 50 microns. It is mainly to extend the service life of the rear filter element. because the replacement frequency is too high and the filter element cannot be backwashed, its function has the tendency to be replaced by the front filter. The inner tank of the water tank is corroded, and the front filter can prevent the combination of calcium and magnesium ions and carbonated silver ions, thus playing the role of scale inhibition.2. generally speaking, the installation and use of the pre-filter is not comparable to the water purifier, and the filtered water cannot be directly drunk. if you need to drink, you must install the water

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