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GUANGZHOU TORY LIGHT CO.,LIMITED will cooperate with the old and new customers with the goal of 'super innovation and service' to create a brilliant future together. Contact! Focus on the Manufacturing Lights & Lighting Business for Years, a Professional Leader in the Manufacturing Lights & Lighting Industry Compared with products in the industry, TORY's led stage lighting has the outstanding advantages which are mainly reflected in the following aspects. With many years of practical experience, TORY is capable of providing comprehensive and efficient one-stop solutions.

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Is there a water purifier at home and is it necessary to install Annette's pre-filter? These two do not conflict, the water purifier is the end of the water purification, Annette is the front-end filtration, the two together with the water purification effect will be better, if the conditions are good, you can also install the central water purification and the Central soft water, but it is more expensive. Annette's front filter can filter out impurities in tap water for the first time, and can well protect wading appliances including water purifiers. my family is both installed. this is enough for my family. Of course, calculate the account. If the front is installed, the end is not so fast to change the filter element and save money. It doesn't cost much when used in front.

The water filter and the air filter have those different structural principles. The tap water filter is to filter the tap water so that it fully meets the standard of cooking and drinking in the kitchen. Such purification equipment is the water filter, also known as water purifier in the industry. Tap water is very qualified when leaving the factory,However, when tap water flows through a network of several kilometers long, tap water will change its water quality. most of the tap water pipe networks we use daily are galvanized pipes and cast iron pipes. Under the accumulated oxidation, the iron cast pipe is oxidized to iron hydroxide in water, and the iron hydroxide is a yellow flocculation substance, which will precipitate when impurities are encountered. So the rust we encounter in our daily life is like this. The same is true for galvanized pipes. The tap water pipe network is not well protected, and it is easy to breed harmful substances such as Moss, bacteria and chemical organic matter to the huma

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