Seven Magnificent Castle Stays to Cure Your Royal Family Fever

If you didnt get an invite to the royal baby shower or wedding, dont fret! the global leader in connecting travellers with the widest choice of incredible places to stay, delved into its more than 1.6 million properties in over 128,000 destinations across the globe to present seven magnificent castle stays fit for royalty, but on a commoners budget.

nIf you are looking for an ancient castle that has transformed into a charming hotel, then the Castello Di Pavone is the place to stay. Surrounded by a tropical garden, all rooms mix traditional furnishing with modern amenities, offering a truly unique setting steeped in history. The property features a number of dining halls, small and large, and each one has unique features that will you bring you back in time such as chandeliers and beamed ceilings.

nWith a magical setting inside a 9th-century castle, the Parador de Cardona is straight out of fairy tale. Offering panoramic views over the Catalonian countryside, and interiors faithful to the Cardona's history with medieval styling, vaulted ceilings, stone walls and gorgeous courtyards, youll be treated like a king or queen. Guests will be spellbound with the delicious and authentic Catalonian specialties, before retreating to a charming bedroom with canopy beds and the beautiful furnishing highlighted by theatrical lighting and rich fabrics.

nGiven the iconic Bavarian-style of The Castle Hotel, you might think you were in the hills of Germanys Black Forest. But youre actually only a few steps away from Xinghai Square the largest city square in the world. Offering high-end accommodation and the royal treatment every guest deserves.

Surrounded by lush forests, this luxurious property features elegantly decorated rooms and offers the royal treatment at the spa and indoor pool. nSet in the striking woodlands of Galway County with the beautiful backdrop of the 12 Bens Mountain Range, this luxury castle overlooks its impressive salmon fishery on its large private estate. Nature lovers can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities fit for a royal, such as pony trekking, woodcock shooting or just relaxing walk by the lake and the river to admire the local wildlife.

nThis impressive castle overlooking the St Brides Bay will transport guests to a mystical time. Dating back to the 12th century, Roch Castle is standing proudly on a rocky outcrop high above the Pembrokeshire landscape. Guests can enjoy a unique sense of history combined with a romantic getaway as each room is luxuriously decorated offering a modern feeling with beautiful views of the British coast and countryside.

nSituated in Old Quebec, this heritage property boasts views of the St. Lawrence River and the Old fortified City. Being a landmark on its own right, guests can make themselves at home in the luxurious, European-style rooms as well as spa facilities to relax and rejuvenate after an exciting day exploring upper and lower town districts of Quebec City.

nFor something a little less ordinary during your trip in India, choose to rest your head at the RAAS Devigarh. Housed in an 18th-century palace in the village of Delwara, this heritage property is nestled amidst the Aravalli Hills and has a picture-perfect mountain backdrop. Guests can have a quiet read in the library or relax in their spacious suite adorned with grand furnishings and intricately carved archways.

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Any discount for large order theatrical lighting lamps ?
Any discount for large order theatrical lighting lamps ?
GUANGZHOU TORY LIGHT CO.,LIMITED is a professional manufacturer of . TORY advances with the times and pays attention to independent innovation and strict quality control during production. By adhering to the core value, we pay great attention to first-class service and first-class quality, so as to become a first-class enterprise. We intend to be innovative, hard-working and tenacious and promise to be your best partner with the best reputation. moving head light is widely used in multi-purpose halls, studios, conference centers, auditoriums, theaters, concerts, stadiums, dance halls, and other entertainment venues. The led par light is one of the main products of TORY. moving led lights has its characteristics of moving light led, easy management and being economic. Being well encapsulated, the product is able to work well under bad conditions. Without good quality, static light can't be keeping stable rise for sales volume in its market. Containing a high-precise optical lens, it features super brightness. We supply quality-reliable and price-affordable products in the long term. Please feel free to consult us!Does the front filter with longitude at 70-90 microns affect the water pressure 50? The specific need to look at the impurity particle content in the water, increase the filter is definitely a pressure drop, but it will not be too large, if the pressure drop reaches a certain range, indicating that the filter blockage needs to replace the filter element y in Wuhan, CDoes anyone know why the water purifier uses a pre-filter system? The water purifier is very necessary to use the pre-filtration system, which is determined by its working principle and function;1. First of all, let's take a look at the working principle of the water purifier. Generally, the water purifier is composed of a four-level filtration system:Level 1: micro-filtration membrane removes all kinds of visible substances/dust and impurities in tap water. These particles come from aging pipes, rust, secondary pollution of roof water tanks, etc.Level 2: Compressed carbon removes chlorine and organic impurities, such as harmful pesticides. It can also absorb the peculiar smell, color and smell produced by organic compounds in water, which are derived from disinfection by-products of tap water.Level 3: UF membrane: The UF membrane can remove bacteria, viruses, spores and other substances in the water.Level 4: filter life indicator: the inside of the device is designed for the gear structure. with
2019 06 06
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Review: Spellbinding Performance As Symphony Conductor Combines Russian Music and Ballet
The Edmonton Symphony Orchestras chief conductor, Alexander Prior, has a deep grounding in Russian music. Despite having a Scottish twang to his accent, his mother is Russian and he studied at the St. Petersburg Conservatory, graduating with distinction at the age of 17.In his first season in his new post, he has already shown his affinity to Russian music in his approach to such works as Tchaikovskys Symphony No. 5 and Rachmaninovs Symphony No. 2. Last Thursday evening, he turned to the Russian tradition of ballet in front of a packed and enthusiastic Winspear audience.When composers wish to have their ballet music heard in a concert hall, they usually rework the music into a concert suite where the overall shape is better designed for the different circumstance. Indeed, Prokofiev turned the music from one of his masterpieces, the ballet Romeo and Juliet, into no less than three different orchestral suites, all of which are heard today.Priors approach was a little different. Instead of playing one of the suites, he devoted the entire first half of the concert to excepts chosen directly from Prokofievs ballet. All the best-known music was there, ending with Juliets death, but the order will have been different for those used to the suites rather than the ballet.This was a spellbinding performance, too. Prior took the music often heard with a veneer of neo-romantic lyricism back to its roots in 20th Century Soviet Russia. There was little sentimentality here. Instead there were incisive rhythms, a steel-like edge to the poster-paint orchestral colours, a huge sound in the climatic moments (in a couple of places the huge orchestral swells reminded one of Sibelius).This was Prokofiev played closer to the grit of Shostakovich, at times almost inexorable, mechanistic in its inevitability (as, indeed, is Shakespeares story). The exciting fast and furious scurry of Tybalts Death, for example, would be difficult to do with dancers, but really worked here on the Winspear stage.It was achieved by really precise playing and cleanness of sound emphasizing how at times the score is almost chamber-like. The brass managed something of a Russian snarl, the woodwind were, as usual, notable, though the orchestration was taken from the suites rather than from the full ballet. One wished that the orchestra did have more strings, though, for both here and in the Tchaikovsky that followed, the extra weight and sheen a large body of strings gives was missing, as if powered by a four-cylinder engine albeit a powerful and efficient one rather than the heft of a six-cylinder.After such a compelling performance, Tchaikovskys The Nutcracker, which filled the second half, didnt have quite such panache, and indeed the orchestra was at times less precise.Again, Prior eschewed the concert suite that Tchaikovsky made from the ballet score, and instead the orchestra gave us the whole of Act I. This was an interesting idea, as Act I contains most of the main action of the plot, up to the point where the Nutcracker becomes a Prince. It includes the battle between the toys and the mice, and ends with Waltz of the Snowflakes.It doesnt include the famous dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, but much of the best-known music is there.It was interesting to be able to concentrate just on the actual ballet music, without the dancers. For it highlighted features one doesnt notice in the suite again, the often-sparse orchestration, or the unexpected affinities: the almost British feel of the childrens gallop and parents entry, or the echoes of Beethovens Wellingtons Victory.Prior also brought out some of the darker colours of the score, especially in some of the climaxes, in a way that again one might not encounter in the theatre.The ballet was not completely forgotten, however, for in the final number the Waltz of the Snowflakes the orchestra was joined by members of the Edmonton School of Ballet, very effectively choreographed, especially given the limited space available to them at the front of the stage. Some theatrical lighting effects added to the atmosphere, as they had in the quiet ending of the Prokofiev.Perhaps most interesting of all, we were able to hear the wordless chorus that goes with this Act I closing tableau. Its not in the suite, and it is often substituted by an instrument in ballet performance, and thus is rarely heard. Here it was sung by the Cantilon Chamber Choir, who well repaid their patience at having to wait right until the very end of the concert to sing.The ESO and Prior will be playing more Russian music on May 27 (Glinkas Russian and Ludmilla Overture), in a concert that sees the orchestra shift to Beethoven (here the Fifth Symphony), leading up to their performances of the Ninth Symphony on June 1 and 2.Edmonton Symphony Orchestra Russian BalletsOrganization: Edmonton Symphony OrchestraConductor: Alexander PriorFeaturing: Cantilon Chamber Choir and the Edmonton School of BalletWhere: WinspearWhen: Thursday, May 17
2021 05 25
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2019 Audi A7 to Debut at NAIAS - News.
The all-new 2019 Audi A7 will make its US debut at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit next week. The German luxury automaker is looking to build on the success of the first generation with this new generation of the A7, which the manufacturer claims "exemplifies the prologue design language, featuring a more precise, modern exterior and interior, as well as the next generation of lighting innovations from Audi."Although sedan cars on the whole are finding buyers pretty hard to come by in America and elsewhereat the moment, the Sportback body style of the A7 and others is still proving popular. The combination of a coupe-like silhouette and four doors might not be as overtly practical as that of a similar-size crossover SUV, but it's a look and format where buyersappear happy to accept a little compromise in order to have it. However, Audi is still doing what it can to make this new A7 as practical as possible without ruining its form in any way, as this new model has more interior volume, more comfortable seating for rear seat passengers, and more head and legroom than its predecessor.Interior lighting also seems to be a strong theme with the new A7, with contour lights lining the center console and door trims that precisely trace the cabin's architecture and subtly highlight the increased space. Even the Audi's quattro badge in the instrument panel is illuminated, which some could see as a little gimmicky, but it certainly does add to the theatrical lighting of the cabin.Of course, no new luxury car can hope to make it these days without being awash with the latest and most advanced technology, and the new A7 will feature the same advanced infotainment system that recently made its debut in the A8.
2021 05 25
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Custom Theatrical Lighting Filter on the Cheap
I was recently asked about creating or finding a custom lighting effect for my churchs Christmas Eve program. An outline of a crosswas to be projected on stage; I searched a bit on the web but was unable tofind instructions on making DIY filters. I had some ideas of my own and wantedto test them out.The filter is a low budget GOBO filter made from kitchen grade aluminum foil and securedwith kapton tape which is temperature rated for 500F/260C. This can be foundon-line or at some electronics stores.I did not start completely from scratch; I had a theatrical light fixture as we have about a dozen theatrical lights suspended for the stage. I was able to repurpose one for this effect.Removing the lens assembly, I was fortunate to find innerframe areas to mount onto. I measured the opening and determined a size for thefoil filter, 4 was chosen.The aluminum foil shape was cut with an X-Acto knife after placingit on a smooth scrap board. Other cutting techniques such as scarp-bookingstamps should work as well.Securing the filter within the fixture was quite simple. Asstated earlier there was a internal ring frame that I was able to affixto. Using only four pieces of tape inlength provided adequate security for the lightweight filter. Remember, thefilter MUST be mounted upside down as the image is inverted by the lenses. Alsothe fixture used had slide dampers to shape the light, these were used toreduce the amount of light getting to filter and provide more of a heat block.I slide in dampers till they just reached the outline of the filter with thefixture illuminated.The result was used to shine on an empty throne (chair) andthough it was only panned in for a minute at a key moment during a particularsong it had the desired effect. No color filter was added though that would of course be simple.The lighting bar in the church was mounted too close tostage to focus the light fixture by normal means of the lens screw in theprovided slot. I had to extend the lensassembly further and secure with duct tape and a safety string to the setscrew.
2021 05 25
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