CE Lixada Dmx Moving Head Light Manual TORY Stage Light Brand 1
CE Lixada Dmx Moving Head Light Manual TORY Stage Light Brand 2
CE Lixada Dmx Moving Head Light Manual TORY Stage Light Brand 1
CE Lixada Dmx Moving Head Light Manual TORY Stage Light Brand 2

CE Lixada Dmx Moving Head Light Manual TORY Stage Light Brand

Guangzhou, China
TV studio, theater, opera house, auditorium, stage etc
Carton box/Flycase
Delivery Time:
3-5 Working Day
12 months
1 piece

Company Advantages

1. TORY stage light led moving head professional show lighting is manufactured by our experienced production team following the set norms of the industry. Without glare influence, it creates a good illumination environment for audience.

2. TORY stage light kinetic led balls is processed using the materials of the highest quality which are sourced from well-known suppliers. Containing a high-precise optical lens, it features super brightness.

3. Every detail of TORY stage light par38 flood is exquisitely crafted using the finest materials. TORY stage light built-in microprocessor ensures TORY stage light fast and smooth illumination movement.

4. The materials of TORY stage light ecosmart par30 are of the highest quality as they have been strictly examined according to our high standard and set the industry standard. The product is anti-glare, causing no visual fatigue.

5. TORY stage light intelligent lighting for home is made with advanced production equipment and fine production technology. TORY stage light various beam angles enable TORY stage light flexibility in short or long-throw situations.

6. The product delivers powerful brightness. Thanks to its innovative design, the new type of illuminating elements can emit stronger brightness under the same energy consumption. TORY stage light motor functions silently, thus, it will not cause noise.

7. The product gives off a clear light. Its finely designed beam angle enables it to emit light that is more evenly distributed. TORY stage light robust and compact design makes it resistant to vibration.

8. The product will not accumulate too much heat. Its substrate used has improved heat dissipation, which greatly lowers the operating temperature. Containing a high-precise optical lens, it features super brightness.

9. I was delighted that I have found this product. Its specifications are in line with my machine. - Siad one of our customers. Featuring high power, the product has high luminous efficiency.

10. Even used in a wet machinery environment for a long time, the product will not easily get rust and even failed. Emitting zero ultraviolet ray and infrared ray, it's safe for users.

11. When I used this product, it fits well my machine. After a long time, it still can stand up the test of time thanks to its durability. - Said one of our customers. Being well encapsulated, the product is able to work well under bad conditions.

12. The product can be totally recycled. This means that people can reduce their costs in terms of raw materials cost. Treated with the die-cast technique, TORY stage light surface features strong color fastness.

13. One of our customers said that the dimensions of this product totally conform to his machine's model. It can be perfectly adapted to the intended use. The product functions in a smooth way with variable speed.

CE Lixada Dmx Moving Head Light Manual TORY Stage Light Brand 3
230w LED Beam/Spot/Wash 3 in 1 Moving Head Light
TR-230SBW is a super bright led moving head light with  230W LED source,projected from a compact tiny body it can produce output brighter than tradit-ional discharge 1200W . The efficient optical system provides a sharp cutting edge of the spot wihout any shadows.Effect features including saturated colors, fixed gobo wheel , rotating gobo wheel with replaceable positions and  real index-ing feature, rotating prism wheel with 6-faced linear , 8-faced prism and frost . motorized focus, full range dimmer. various strobe effect . Brightness. efficiency and compactness are what TR-230SBW stands for. Small unit gives you nice perfomance.

BallastElectronic Ballast
Average Lifespan2200Hrs
Lenshigh precision optical lens
Beam Angle4-15 degree
Color wheel7 dichroic filters + white
Rotating Gobo Wheel6 +white ( Outside ¢25.8mm, inside ¢21.5mm)
Static Gobo wheel8 fixed gobos, at variable rotation
Prism6-facet linear + 3/8-facet circular prism/frost
Focuslinear adjustment
Dimmer0-100% linear adjustment
StrobeDouble lens strobe (0.5-9 times/ second)
Pan/TiltX axis 540° Y axis 270°automatically accurate positioning
Fixation optionPan/Tilt-lock mechanism
Control modeStandard DMX512, Automatic and Master/ slave mode
Channel16 CHs / 24 CHs
Controllercan open the lamp and reset, including delaying function
CE Lixada Dmx Moving Head Light Manual TORY Stage Light Brand 4

CE Lixada Dmx Moving Head Light Manual TORY Stage Light Brand 5
CE Lixada Dmx Moving Head Light Manual TORY Stage Light Brand 6


  • ◪   Complete control board with DMX in/out.

  • ◪   Newest inductor with shielding function,show more smooth dimmer.

  • ◪   Electric motor driver has stronger power to moving winch

  • ◪   More thichness motor for Kinetic light ,will move more quickly and facile.

  • ◪   Lift cable smaller and firm from Germany.

  • ◪   Fall protection, Newest and safe design which is add electromagnetic valve.

  • ◪   Can be customized.


CE Lixada Dmx Moving Head Light Manual TORY Stage Light Brand 7
CE Lixada Dmx Moving Head Light Manual TORY Stage Light Brand 8
CE Lixada Dmx Moving Head Light Manual TORY Stage Light Brand 9

Company Features

Guangzhou Tory Light Co., Ltd. is the global market leader in moving head lights field. With the positioning of the high-end moving head lights brand, TORY stage light has won a wide reputation globally. TORY LIGHT is the perfect choice for world-renowned moving head lights brands.

Our company has a team of team experts. They are proficient in all the complexities of product production and can assist the manufacturing process to achieve the company's perfect production goals. Our company has strong employees. They help the company ensure the most efficient supply chain and the highest value of customer experience. Our company has an excellent workforce. Most of them have a long career in the moving head lights industry and therefore have a deep understanding about it.

In Guangzhou Tory Light Co., Ltd., efforts will be made to promote the development of the domestic moving head lights industry. Guangzhou Tory Light Co., Ltd. aims to become the world's top brand. Guangzhou Tory Light Co., Ltd.'s moving head lights is a symbol of strong production capabilities. Since entering the overseas market, Guangzhou Tory Light Co., Ltd. has been adhering to high standards.

Product Details

Next, the details of lixada dmx moving head light manual are shown for you.

Application of the Product

The lixada dmx moving head light manual developed and produced by our company can be widely used in various industries and professional fields.

While providing excellent products, TORY stage light is dedicated to providing personalized solutions for customers according to their needs and actual situations.

Product Comparison

Our lixada dmx moving head light manual is more competitive than similar products, as shown in the following aspects.

Enterprise Advantages

Our company has cultivated a group of high-quality talents to form an excellent team. They are highly educated, experienced and professional.

Insisting on the business philosophy of 'serving customers wholeheartedly', our company sincerely provides more and better products and services.

We will strive to build an excellent corporate culture, implement corporate strategy, fulfill social responsibilities, and provide quality for the society and customers with an enterprising mentality.

Since the beginning in TORY stage light has been adhering to the brand development strategy and focusing on product quality and technological innovation. Now we have an industry-leading research and development strength and technical level.

Our company has developed products that comply with international safety regulations, and has broadened the market scope. In addition to being sold domestically, our products are also exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States.

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