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par can lights for bar lighting 1
par can lights for bar lighting 2
par can lights for bar lighting 1
par can lights for bar lighting 2

par can lights for bar lighting

Guangzhou, China
TV studio, theater, opera house, auditorium, stage etc
Carton box/Flycase
Delivery Time:
3-5 Working Day
12 months
1 piece
Company Advantages
1. The production process of TORY par can lights follows extremely stringent GB and IEC standards. These standards ensure that it can reach the predetermined luminous efficiency.
2. The product has good electromagnetic compatibility. The conductors' width in the PCB has been reasonably arranged to minimize the impact of interference caused by the transient current.
3. This product is shrinkage resistance. The mercerizing technique is conducted to change its fabric structure, while at the same time, a certain pressure is added to improve its fabric tension.
4. The price of this product is competitive and is now widely used in the market.
5. This product is widely used in a variety of applications.
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Outdoor 4pcs 100w Blinder Light
New simple but impressive housing, this 4eyes blinder is one of the brightest chip in the market, Total 400 watt lightputof this fixture as each is rated at 100 watt chip on Board LEDs, with optional 3000K-6500K warm white color temp. A 60º beam degree, individual DMX control of each COB module, manual angle adjustment of each head and nimble strobe effect. Another cool thing of this blinder is we integrated multiple dimming curves inside. Nice smooth 32-bit dimming ranging from 0-100% for theatre, stage dimming mode or faster pixel dimming mode are selectable on the DMX channels, adjustable refresh rate for flicker-free TV and filming.

Lightsource4*100Wwarmwhite or white color for option
Coloremittingwarm white or white
DMXChannel1/2/4/5/8 CH
IP RateIP65
par can lights for bar lighting 4

par can lights for bar lighting 5
par can lights for bar lighting 6


  • ◪   Complete control board with DMX in/out.

  • ◪   Newest inductor with shielding function,show more smooth dimmer.

  • ◪   Electric motor driver has stronger power to moving winch

  • ◪   More thichness motor for Kinetic light ,will move more quickly and facile.

  • ◪   Lift cable smaller and firm from Germany.

  • ◪   Fall protection, Newest and safe design which is add electromagnetic valve.

  • ◪   Can be customized.


par can lights for bar lighting 7
par can lights for bar lighting 8

Company Features
1. With years of par can lights production experience, GUANGZHOU TORY LIGHT CO.,LIMITED has continued to innovate and creates products to make the brand stand out in the market.
2. Our business has expanded to five continents. In turn, we gain unique insights from around the world, combining best practices and innovative developments to strengthen our competitive advantage.
3. Our mission statement is to recognize and exceed customer expectations. We respond to customer demands while setting the standards for safety, quality and reliability. We aim to create positive social and environmental impact from the beginning to the end of a product's life cycle. We’re moving one step closer to a circular economy by encouraging the reuse of our products. We support green production to gear to sustainable development. We have adopted approaches for waste disposal and discharge that will not pose a negative impact on the environment. We adhere to the principles of environmental protection to produce environmentally-friendly products. We will strive to seel 100% environmentally friendly, pollution-free, degradable, or recycled raw materials to manufacture products.
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