TR-1812N Led Par Light Bulbs TORY Stage Light Brand 1
TR-1812N Led Par Light Bulbs TORY Stage Light Brand 2
TR-1812N Led Par Light Bulbs TORY Stage Light Brand 1
TR-1812N Led Par Light Bulbs TORY Stage Light Brand 2

TR-1812N Led Par Light Bulbs TORY Stage Light Brand

TV studio, theater, opera house, auditorium, stage etc
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TR-1812N Led Par Light Bulbs TORY Stage Light Brand 3
Indoor 18Pcs 12w Led Par Light
TR-1812N is a low-profile, high-output quad-color (RGBW) LED wash par cans decorated for wedding or wall washing. Built-in 32-bit dimming curves provide smooth LED fading, this 18pcs 10w par could generate a broad spectrum of natural looking colors. Easily controlled via DMX, Master/Slave and Auto modes, make it very convenient for the power linked with multiple units for lighting show. Featured in a wide beam angle (25º/38º are optional), ultra smooth flicker-free 32-bit dimming and variable electronic strobe, this par fixture is built to provide the exceptional quality at a much lower price than other fixtures. 

NameIndoor Slim Par 18pcs 12w RGBW 4in1 led  light
Rated power230W
Bulbs18pcs 12w Cree or Tianxin
Colorevenly RGBW color mixture system and rainbow effect.
Life time50000 hours
Channel4/8 ch
ControlDMX512, Master-slave, Auto, Sound
Lens angle15 degree, 25 degree, 38 degree, 45 degree
Strobeindependent electronic strobes, 1-25 Hz
Dimming0-100% dimming
Housingdie cast aluminum
Protection levelIP20
Product size255X255X365mm


  • ◪   Complete control board with DMX in/out.

  • ◪   Newest inductor with shielding function,show more smooth dimmer.

  • ◪   Electric motor driver has stronger power to moving winch

  • ◪   More thichness motor for Kinetic light ,will move more quickly and facile.

  • ◪   Lift cable smaller and firm from Germany.

  • ◪   Fall protection, Newest and safe design which is add electromagnetic valve.

  • ◪   Can be customized.


TR-1812N Led Par Light Bulbs TORY Stage Light Brand 4
TR-1812N Led Par Light Bulbs TORY Stage Light Brand 5
TR-1812N Led Par Light Bulbs TORY Stage Light Brand 6

Company Advantages

1. To manufacture TORY stage light school stage lighting, the quality-approved raw materials is used into the production. Thanks to TORY stage light high color rendering, the product has no light spot.

2. The raw materials of TORY stage light aluminum trussing are procured and selected from reliable vendors in the industry. TORY stage light optical lens can be customized to gather a greater amount of light.

3. TORY stage light waterproof led par light is designed by our proficient professionals who are full of years of experiences. TORY stage light optical lens can be customized to gather a greater amount of light.

4. The quality testing procedure of this product is extremely rigorous. TORY stage light dimming function offers various strobe effects.

5. Our professional quality team adopts scientific methods and takes strict quality assurance measures. TORY stage light variable speeds offer different illumination effects.

6. Our dedicated QC team is responsible for the final quality testing result. The product is anti-glare, causing no visual fatigue.

7. They have a modern and commercial look, making it ideal for both home and commercial use such as office and supermarkets. Containing a high-precise optical lens, it features super brightness.

8. The product is an excellent way to take the stress out of everyday fatigue. It improves overall efficiency and simplifies household tasks. It is mainly applied in stages, theaters, multi-function halls, and TV studios.

9. It is absolutely a must-have appliance for people. It is easy to maintain, saving people lots of endeavors on cleaning and maintaining. Being well encapsulated, the product is able to work well under bad conditions.

10. The product is absolutely a useful helper for homeowners or housewives. It makes life much easier and more convenient without any doubt. The product has the advantage of water and moisture resistance.

11. With such many characteristics, the product enjoys popularity among homeowners or housewives. It brings much convenience to them. TORY stage light built-in microprocessor ensures TORY stage light fast and smooth illumination movement.

Company Features

Guangzhou Tory Light Co., Ltd. has become a professional supplier in the field of rgb dj laser light. With strong support of customers from around the world, Guangzhou Tory Light Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier in rgb dj laser light area. Guangzhou Tory Light Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier engaged in research, production and development as well as offering service of rgb dj laser light.

TORY stage light has strong manufacturing rgb dj laser light capabilities. By developing newly advanced techniques, TORY stage light achieves great accomplishment in its high quality. With the development of techniques, our high-end rgb dj laser light can achieve finest quality. TORY stage light employs advanced techniques to produce high quality rgb dj laser light. TORY stage light has complete quality control system.

Following our principle of 'providing dependable services and to be persistently creative', we define our major business policies as follows: develop talent advantages and layout investments to enhance growth momentum; expand markets through marketing in order to ensure full production capacity. We strive to anticipate customer needs and work hard to say YES to every request. We deliver superior quality at a speed and value that surpasses expectations and makes emergencies hassle-free. We endeavor to make all customers victorious. Our company is built on a foundation of values. These values include hard work, building relationships, and providing superior services to our clients. These values make sure the manufactured products portray the image of our customers' company. Our mission is to care for Life, make good use of resources, contribute to society, and become a leading company in the industry through enthusiasm and innovation.

Application of the Product

TORY stage light's led par light bulbs is widely used in various industries and fields.

TORY stage light is rich in industrial experience and is sensitive about customers' needs. We can provide comprehensive and one-stop solutions based on customers' actual situations.

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