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New product: 230W Led 3 in 1 moving head light

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TR-230BSW is based on Hot beam model, appropriately optimized for LED light source products. 

The LED light source has:

1. a long life (20,000hours),

2. excellent uniformity,

3. good linearity and

4. low heat dissipation noise.

TR-230SBW is a super bright led moving head light with  230W LED source,projected from a compact tiny body it can produce output brighter than tradit-ional discharge 1200W . The efficient optical system provides a sharp cutting edge of the spot wihout any shadows.Effect features including saturated colors, fixed gobo wheel , rotating gobo wheel with replaceable positions and  real index-ing feature, rotating prism wheel with 6-faced linear , 8-faced prism and frost . motorized focus, full range dimmer. various strobe effect . Brightness. efficiency and compactness are what TR-230SBW stands for. Small unit gives you nice perfomance.




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